2021-2022 Enrollment and Registration is underway!  Enrollment is easier than ever, simply click this link, send us an email, or call (410) 887-0708, to start the process or schedule an appointment!  We are looking forward to serving your students at Hebbville!

Please click here to view our 2021-2022 Parent Handbook.

Please click here for a copy of the 2021-2022 School Supply List.

Please click here for a copy of the Hebbville Elementary School Reopening Plan.

Attention Parents of Hebbville Elementary School! We are currently running a Joe Corbi's Fundraiser. Your packet should have gone home with your student. It's full of delicious products we are selling. Inside that packet is everything your student will need to help make this fundraiser a success.
Did you know you can help us spread the word by registering your child online and sharing an online shopping link? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Go to joecorbi.com and LOGIN. Register your child as a PARTICIPANT (you will need our group's Organization code #1947). Once you have your child's Participant code, you can share that code via email or on your social media!
We appreciate your support of this fundraiser, as it provides much needed funds. Thank you for your support and make sure to check out the great incentives!


I am Respectful!
I am Responsible!
I am Safe!
I am Prepared!

School Vision Statement

Hebbville Elementary School will provide a safe, productive and orderly learning environment that will equip all students with the essential literacy skills in all content areas for the high-level thinking and reasoning necessary to be successful learners.

School Mission Statement

Hebbville Elementary School staff will focus on data driven decision making to improve communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills for all learners. We will provide an environment that is fun, engaging, and customized to meet the needs of our individual learners as we prepare them for middle school; the next step on their pathway toward college and career readiness.