Special Area Teachers

Students participate in several special areas classes in addition to their academic core subjects including Art, Library, Music, & Physical Education. Special Area classes are available on a rotating schedule to every child. Each class has a comprehensive curriculum that allows for children to experience a wide variety of activities and challenges. These classes, taught by specialized faculty members, provide lessons which often complement the basic content areas, but provide a unique message for your child that encourages improved health, thinking skills, creativity, and group dynamics. 
As a result, m
any meaningful connections are formed between classroom content and the special areas experience.
This will foster a well-rounded individual that has discovered new ways to problem solve, communicate, and make connections.

Please consult with your child's classroom teacher regarding the schedule for our special area classes.  Please remember to have your child wear sneakers & remove jewelry on P.E. days, bring back his/her library books on library days, and to dress appropriately on art days.  Old parent T-shirts or button downs work great to catch stray paint and glue!

Special Area Teachers:

Capathia Campbell, Library
Mark Chewning, Art
Leo Weems, Music